Modern businesses constantly generate data from an ever increasing number of online services.

Keeping track of all these services is difficult - each service is isolated with its own login, web interface, data structure and style. The more of these services you use, the more this problem is compounded and it quickly becomes a large drain on your time. Each service adds another layer of obstacles between you and a holistic view of your business data.

StatusBoard brings together the most
important metrics from your online services,
giving you a clearer picture of your business

Support case satisfaction rate for the past month

StatusBoard centres around Cards, each representing a single key business metric.

They’re designed to be mixed and matched; average revenue per user can sit right alongside number of unique visitors from the latest marketing campaign. You can immediately see the impact of that latest campaign on the amount traffic to your website, the likes on your Facebook page or the number of users signing up, all at the same time.

With many card types available, such as line, bar and pie graphs, your data can be displayed in whichever way is the most useful.

Boards are a collection of Cards shown together.

With each Board supporting many Cards, you can quickly get an overview of your business and gain valuable insights without having to visit each service individually.

Boards show only the information you need to keep your business running smoothly, removing the obstacles and letting you focus on your business.

Our Boards have been carefully designed to be viewable at distance. They’re ideal for a wall mounted display to give a constant update to your whole team while remaining equally useful when viewed on the laptop on your desk.

A single click on any Card brings up its history.

The Card expands to fill most of the window, and shows the entire history of this metric over time. This gives quick access to valuable context for what’s happening in real-time. You can quickly get perspective on how large the spike in traffic was today compared to last July and react accordingly.

We’ve put a lot of effort into making Boards effortless to create.

StatusBoard looks at the services you use to track your business, and automatically generates Boards filled with Cards that best display your key metrics.

Making a new Card is as simple as selecting the service and the metric you want to track, and StatusBoard will handle the rest. Cards are given the ideal visualisation to display the data you’ve chosen by default, getting Cards on the Board as quickly as possible.

Editing Boards is just as easy as creating them.

To re-arrange a Card simply drag and drop it to where you’d like it to be. Don’t like the default visualisation for a card? You can change it in a click.

Clicking the gear in the corner of any Card brings up advanced controls allowing you to fine tune the appearance of your data, such as the timescale of graphs.

StatusBoard supports a full revision history of the changes you make to Boards, so adjustments to Cards and Boards can be easily reversed.

We will support many major services out of the box such as Google Analytics, Pingdom, Facebook, Twitter, ZenDesk and will add more regularly.

For services we don’t yet support or private applications, our public input API allows developers to integrate directly with StatusBoard.

Our public output API allows you to pull your business data out as you need it, as well the ability to export all of your data at any time.

StatusBoard is designed from the ground up for teams.

We want everyone on your team to have their own, easy to customise set of Boards showing the metrics that matter to them.

To make it easy for less tech savvy users, StatusBoard separates the setting up of data services from the creation and editing of Boards.

The first step is adding and authenticating your company’s various data services. Once this is complete, everyone else on the team merely sees a list of metrics they could add to Cards, allowing people to edit and create Boards without needing to talk to the I.T. department.

StatusBoard is built as a secure platform for normalising, storing, and displaying data.

We store your data for the life of your plan, allowing us to track trends over a long timespan and enabling tools such as Quick History.

At anytime you can download a full copy of all the data we’ve collected for you.